Big wafer head cement board screw

Big wafer head cement board screw

High quality Big wafer head cement board screw

Cement Board Screws with 8 nibs(4short & 4 longer) are ideal for installing cement board to wood and light gauge steel studs. include spoon point ,sharp point and drilling point ,Ruspert coating treated for extreme protection against rust and corrosion. The unique deep high-low threads allows quick entry and provide maximum holding power.


The driver bit: Square #2 ,  Ph#2, Torx T25.

#8 size. Two length available: 1-1/4" and 1-5/8".

Cement board screws are designed to fasten cement board to wood or 25-20 gauge steel studs

Screw point will drive hole through cement board, wood and metal without pre-drilling

Product advantages:

Corrosion resistant.Sharp point, deep and sharp hi-lo thread.For Interior or Exterior Use.Great for use with all cement boards.


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