How to judge whether stainless steel screws are qualified


Stainless steel screws are widely used in various indus […]

Stainless steel screws are widely used in various industries in our lives, so how to judge whether stainless steel screws are qualified?


1. One method that everyone knows is to use a magnet to attract the screw. If there is no response, then this is a stainless steel screw, but this method is not very accurate, because some stainless steel screws are also slightly magnetic, even if they are not. Magnetic stainless steel materials may also be magnetic or weakly magnetic during production and processing. The magnet can only detect some stainless steel types.


2. In the inspection of materials, we generally use a professional stainless steel material detection agent, drop it on the screw, and wait for a while to see the result. If conditions permit, you can also find a third-party testing agency and ask them to help perform a salt spray test on this screw to get a special page and accurate results.



3. To distinguish whether a stainless steel screw is qualified, we can distinguish from the appearance to see whether the surface of the screw is smooth, flat, and whether there are burrs. If there is electroplating, check whether the thickness of the electroplating layer meets the standard. We can take Micrometer or vernier caliper to measure the thickness of the coating.


4. When testing the adhesion strength of the stainless steel screw coating, we can use friction polishing, scratching method and frustrating knife method. After these coating conditions are guaranteed by the industry, let's see if this is a qualified stainless steel screw.