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Application of screw fasteners

Screw fasteners are the most widely used hardware general-purpose parts. They have already integrated all aspects of human production and life, and have become one of the guarantee conditions for human modern production and life.

The average number of fasteners in a mobile phone is no less than 10. The average number of fasteners in a liquid TV set is not less than 20. The average number of fasteners in a computer mainframe is not less than 25. There are approximately 20 different fasteners in one door.

There are about 580 types of cars in a car, close to 500 different fasteners. A medium-sized truck has about 570 kinds of fasteners with different specifications of about 5,710. A section of railway with a length of lkm has about 300 fasteners. A train with a speed of 200km -250km (8 sets), with a matching fastener value of 1.5 million yuan to 1.8 million yuan. A train with a speed of 300km to 350km or a speed of 380km per hour ((8 sets). The value of the matching fasteners is 2.5 million yuan to 2.8 million yuan. The total weight of the fasteners used in modern aircraft can be the total weight of the plane. 5%-6%. Each carbon fiber tail section of an A380 requires about 9,000 bolts. A medium-sized aircraft uses 2 million to 3 million fasteners.

In rockets, satellites, spacecraft, and interplanetary detectors, the different sections of the tank, the electromechanical components inside the instrument section, and the cabin sections are connected by fasteners.

It is predicted that in the next five to ten years, domestic and international demand for fasteners will rise sharply. It is not difficult to see that fasteners play an increasingly important role in human survival and development. The level of fastener technology has become a symbol of the basic industrial level of a country or region.