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Different home repair tools correspond to different needs

Whether the home repair tools is good or bad will definitely affect the user experience, but the premise of truly solving the problem must be to buy a hand tool that can deal with the problem you are facing. For example, if you want to perforate a clothesline on the concrete wall of the yard and buy an electric drill, the result is that a good home repair tool does not help you solve the problem. I understand everyone's needs into three categories:


a. Only disassembly and assembly screws, not drilling

The disassembly of screws on furniture and appliances can be solved by the general electric screwdriver, and the use experience is better than the electric drill. If you need to drive longer or thicker screws (I guarantee that you do n’t drive) or you need to drive screws on metal, the torque demand will be relatively large. You can choose a pistol drill.


b. Both disassembly and assembly of screws, and slight openings, occasionally drilling light concrete

In this case, a lithium electric impact drill is generally the best choice. 12V is cheap and light, and 20V has strong power. The higher the voltage, the stronger the power.


c. Both disassembly and assembly of screws, as well as openings or even removal of concrete

In this case, a hand tool can't meet the demand. The suggestion is 1 screwdriver / pistol drill / impact drill + 1 electric hammer, what home tool do you use?

Different needs correspond to different hand tools


Choose to plug in or charge?

From my personal point of view, lithium battery is the future trend, especially home, the first choice is to recommend lithium battery tools, that is, charging tools. But if the trend returns to the trend, it is also necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages.

Charging tool: convenient, not limited by nearby power supply, can be used outdoors, but the general power is slightly weaker, there are restrictions on battery life, and the price is expensive. At the same time, there is a long-term advantage. Each brand has its own battery platform. After buying a charging tool, you can buy other tools on the same platform to buy a bare metal and use the same battery.

Plug-in tools: cheap, powerful, and can work continuously for a long time, but should be used near a socket.