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Hardware screw and its heat treatment method

A hardware screw is a universal component used for mechanical connection and fixation. It has the characteristics of rich varieties, complex shapes and sizes, and a wide range of materials to choose from. It is widely used in many industries such as machinery, automobile, aviation, aerospace, construction, transportation, communication, electronic appliances and so on.

Various industries have different requirements for fasteners, including different comprehensive mechanical properties. The comprehensive mechanical properties of hardware screws are mainly determined by the selected materials and the quality of heat treatment, so it is imperative to select materials strictly and reasonably and improve the level and quality of heat treatment.

Hardware screw heat treatment is also called screw hardening. There are iron and stainless steel screws. Iron is generally harder if required. All need to be hardened. But stainless steel screws rarely need to be hardened. Because of its own hardness, it's hard enough.

Heat treatment is divided into two processes, heating and cooling, and the ideal heat treatment quality can be obtained by scientifically controlling the two processes. Reasonable selection and scientific use of quenching medium is the essence of controlling the cooling process.

Heat treatment method: different heat treatment methods can be selected according to different objects and purposes.
Quenched and tempered steel: high temperature tempering after quenching (500-650℃)
Spring steel: tempered at medium temperature after quenching (420-520℃)
Carburized steel: after carburizing, quenched and then tempered at low temperature (150-250℃)