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How to select non-standard screws according to the head

As a customized product, non-standard screws are of course different from standard parts on the market. So when customizing non-standard screws, how do we choose the type according to the head of the screw? Screw manufacturer will briefly introduce the characteristics of the screw head to facilitate your selection:

1. Countersunk and semi-sunk heads. This type of head should be used a lot, because after screwing into the product, it will not protrude from the surface of the product and affect the appearance of the product. This is mostly used on the outside of the product. The head has a groove and a cross groove, and the diameter specifications are relatively small, and the diameter is generally below M1O.

2. Hexagon head, hexagon head is also a common head type in fasteners. Some hexagon head fasteners also have a platform, a hole, a boss, and a flange. Hexagon head screws have higher mechanical properties, which are convenient for tightening by wrenches, and can also be applied with larger tightening torques, which are more common in applications.

3. Pan head, the head of the pan head screw can have a slot, cross recess, quincunx, etc., mainly for the convenience of using tools for screwing. It is mostly used on products with low strength and low torque, and is generally used in households. Small-sized mainframe products such as electrical appliances.

4. Large flat head, half round head, and general slotted half round head screws are mostly used for occasions where the space is small and the force is not large, while the oblong head is mostly used for the connection and fixing of the thin-walled component plate structure.

5. Square head screws, square head screws have a large head area, which is convenient for tightening and turning the wrench. Larger tightening torque can be applied, and it is not easy to be bald. It is mostly used for relatively thick structures that are frequently disassembled and assembled, but not suitable for parts that frequently need to be disassembled and moved.

6. The function of the hexagon socket head and the flower-shaped angle head is the same as that of the countersunk head, but the strength and tightening torque are greater than that of the countersunk head.