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Screw manufacturers introduce how to deal with loose zoom lens screws

Analysis and treatment: Loose screws are also a common failure of zoom lenses, which can cause the lens to shake or not move. Most zoom lenses have some degree of shake. A small amount of shake of the lens is allowed (the higher the quality of the lens, the smaller the shake), if the slippage or shake is too large, it is not normal.

The solution is to grab the lens, stretch it back and forth, and rotate it to see if there is too much slip or shake, and the lens should also be somewhat slippery.

If you can't determine whether the shake is normal, you can only use the lens and investigate it for a while. If there is a loose screw in the lens, pay attention to repair it in time, otherwise the screw will fall and the moving tissue will be stuck. The solution is as follows:

(1) Roll the focus ring and zoom ring, if it doesn't work, remove the rubber ferrule,
You will see some fixing screws around the zoom ring, just tighten them.

(2) Another part of the screw that is often loose is at the base of the lens. Many lenses are adjustable at the junction of the lens barrel, generally elliptical holes are used to adjust the total focus distance. If these adjustment screws are loose, it will cause the lens to shake or the photo to be out of focus. At this moment, it is necessary to loosen 3 to 4 general screws on the sleeve and remove the sleeve. In most designs, the loose screw sits under the sleeve, and there may be some spacers between the two parts of the barrel. Reassemble the two parts and tighten the screws.