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Tips for unloading rusted screws

1. Do not remove the screws when the screws are rusted. You can choose a screwdriver to unload them. Do not always unload them when unloading. This will only tighten the screws.

2. You can use the diagonal pliers to remove the screws, the diagonal pliers, the jaws are aligned with the Phillips screw head, and the pliers can be turned to remove the screws.

3. When the screw is heated, the screw can be heated to a certain temperature with a high temperature, and the screw can be easily removed.

4. Drop some sesame oil on the rusted screw, or the lubricant can be removed after a few minutes.

5. You can use a tool to knock the edge of the rust screw, let the screw loose and then remove.

6. It can also be unloaded with a special tool for unloading screws, which can be found in hardware stores or repair shops.