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What are the differences between different home electric drills

What is the difference between screwdriver, pistol drill, impact drill and electric hammer?


Generally, it is a lithium battery tool with a voltage of 3.6V-7.2V and a torque of 1-8 Nm. As the name implies, it is a tool designed for screwing. The speed is relatively low. It can be used to drill small-diameter wood. It is specifically used for Drilling is difficult, and it is very suitable for the disassembly and assembly of furniture and home appliances. At the same time, there are certain applications in professional scenarios, such as auto repair and home appliance repair. The torque can be adjusted or not, but it is still too large in the face of precision equipment (such as mobile phones and computers), and will damage the screws. If you want to repair the precision equipment, it is recommended to use a manual screwdriver

Pistol drill

Generally refers to what we call electric drills, focusing on multi-functions. The torque is generally larger than that of screwdrivers. Lithium batteries can be adjusted for torque. They can be screwed and can be drilled. Wood, red brick, glass, metal, ceramic tiles are all You can drill holes, but not concrete!

Impact drill

It can be simply understood as a pistol drill + impact function. There is a function switch. Switching to the flat drill gear is a pistol drill. Cutting to the screwdriver gear is a screwdriver. Switching to the impact gear is pressed hard by hand when drilling ( The front pressure chuck) will trigger high-frequency impact of the gear (tens of thousands of times / minute), so that the drill bit continuously hits the head concrete to strengthen the opening (demolition) ability, so it can be understood as an electric drill that can drill concrete. However, it should be noted that the ability to impact and drill concrete is very limited. In the face of difficult bones, an electric hammer must be used.

Electric hammer

Tools specially designed for hitting concrete, such as air conditioners, water pipes, planting reinforcement and even installing water heaters and expanding screws, need to use electric hammers to open large holes or drill deep holes in concrete. Most of the electric hammers on the market are multi-function electric hammers. , You can switch to the state of electric pickaxe, at this time, the electric hammer can only be hammered and not turned. It is specifically used for demolition, such as demolition of walls and cement floors.