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What is the difference between combination screws?

I believe that we usually encounter all kinds of screws in our daily lives. There is a screw for bicycles, carriage screws, computers, phones, MP4 and other electronic products also have screws, as small as glasses frames, there is also a screw, so that we can find it without Assemble screws everywhere in our lives, assembling screws have basically covered our lives.

Then there are a lot of screws. Among them, there is a combination screw that is widely used by everyone. What are the characteristics of the combination screw?

The use of combination screws is very extensive, such as stainless steel plates, as we usually see engineering installations, metal plates and galvanized steel plates are used in combination screws. Then some general angle steel or channel steel and iron and other metal materials also need to use non-standard screws for installation. In addition, the design of these components in our carriages, or shipbuilding is an unavoidable combination of screws.

Since the combination screw is so widely used, you have to know what kind of characteristics it is. First of all, the combination of screw drilling and tapping, plus its strength is very powerful, and the lock can be completed. In this way, it can be very save construction time for you, because you can greatly improve work efficiency, so many factories have to use combination screws.

Of course, you should also pay attention to the quality of the screws when using the combination screws. Remember not to buy some low-quality screws for cheap, because this will cause a lot of hidden dangers, which can happen at any time of serious personal injury incidents. Many people are unwilling to watch these things. Arrived, combined screws, so we must use high quality.