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What is the difference between dacromet galvanized screws and hot galvanized screws

Speaking of galvanized screws, everyone will think of ordinary hot-dip galvanized screws, so what is the difference between Dacromet galvanized screws and ordinary hot-dip galvanized screws?


1. Dacromet galvanized screws. Dacromet is a kind of paint, which can be applied by spraying, centrifugal spin-drying, and dipping. The coating is more uniform than electroplating. The appearance of the coating is usually silver-white. According to customer requirements for appearance color processing.


2. Ordinary hot-dip galvanized screws, also called hot-dip galvanized, are a kind of metal anti-corrosion method, mainly used in metal structure facilities in various industries. It is to put the derusted steel parts into the molten zinc solution at about 500 degrees Celsius to make the surface of the steel members adhere to the zinc layer, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing corrosion.


3. Hot-dip galvanizing is also known as electro-galvanizing, because hydrogen embrittlement will inevitably occur during pickling and electroplating, and there will be problems with power line distribution. The entire process of Dacromet does not involve electrochemistry, and Dacromet ’s rust removal It is a mechanical shot blasting method, so Dacromet will not have hydrogen embrittlement


4. The general salt spray test of hot-dip galvanized screws can reach 400-500 hours. The thickness of the coating is generally 50-80u, so the hot-dip galvanized nut supporting the screw should be reamed and then hot-plated. The general salt spray test of dacromet screws can reach 240-2000 hours, and dacromet does not pollute the environment.