Innovative fastener technology is the support of the development of fasteners


Supernormal manufacturing With the expansion of people' […]

Supernormal manufacturing With the expansion of people's living space, the rapid development of technology, the requirements for fasteners are getting higher and higher, the use of extremely large, very small, ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, ultra-high speed and ultra-low speed Firmware emerges in an endless stream, and the manufacturing techniques for making these fasteners are quite different from ordinary fasteners.

Ultra-normal manufacturing includes two aspects: one is to manufacture fastener products used in unusual situations; the other is to produce processes and techniques for manufacturing these fastener products. It is foreseeable that in the future, ultra-precision manufacturing, ultra-high-performance product manufacturing and super-form forming processes will be the symbol of the level of fastener manufacturing, and will become the focus of research and development of high-end fastener manufacturers.

Innovative fastener technology is the support of the development of fasteners, and the development trend of technology determines the direction of industrial development to a considerable extent. The core technology of fasteners is not only to speed up the development of special-purpose steel grades, but also the technical details and technical know-how of fastener manufacturing, testing and heat treatment.

In the future, China's fastener technology will gradually move closer to the advanced level in foreign countries in terms of material selection, structural design, manufacturing process, special technology, testing technology, surface coating technology and quality control, and at the same time, intelligent, integrated and supernormal production and manufacturing. Development will also be the main trend of industry technology development