Several common surface treatment methods for self-tapping screws


Can self-tapping screws be made into gold or other colo […]

Can self-tapping screws be made into gold or other colors? In fact, this involves a problem, that is, the surface treatment of self-tapping screws. Next, screw manufacturer Hangzhou Lizhan Hardware Co., Ltd. will talk to you: What are the more common surface treatments for self-tapping screws?

In fact, several common surface treatments for self-tapping screws are mainly: electroplating, anode and oxidation, passivation, electrophoresis, blackening (blue) and dacromet.

1. Electroplating is to use the self-tapping screw to be electroplated as a negative electrode and immerse it in a solution containing the metal cation to be electroplated, and attach the metal to the negative surface through the action of electricity. The commonly used electroplating metals are nickel, chromium, Tin, copper, gold and silver, etc.

2. Anodizing and oxidation are the use of chemical or electrochemical treatment to produce a film layer containing the metal on the metal surface. Most metal materials (such as stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy) can be anodicized and oxidized in a suitable electrolyte.

3. For blackening, alkaline chemical oxidation is generally used. Because of the appearance of the oxide film, it can only be used in general or oily media, or considering the effect of appearance, blackened screws will be used.

4. Passivation is to dissolve the iron contaminants hidden on the screw, so that the surface of the self-tapping screw is opened into a passivated protective film, which can protect the screw from corrosion and corrosion. The general passivation surface treatment method is used Electronic products.

5. Electrophoresis is the use of electrophoresis to evenly cover the surface of the screw fasteners with paint, rubber and other particles. After the surface treatment of the electrophoresis, the plating layer on the surface of the screw should be uniform, flat and smooth.

6. Dacromet's surface treatment can be plated in three colors, black, silver gray, and silver white. The advantage of Dacromet's surface treatment is that it has good anti-rust performance and suitable materials are carbon steel and stainless steel.

In fact, there are many types of surface treatment, but the choice of surface treatment for self-tapping screws depends on the needs of customers, the specific use environment or other requirements.