What are the reasons for the rust of galvanized screws


Galvanized screws are actually a kind of surface treatm […]

Galvanized screws are actually a kind of surface treatment. There are white zinc, black zinc, blue and white zinc, and color zinc. These are relatively common. Many people think that the screws will not rust after being galvanized, but this is not the case. Next, the galvanized screw manufacturers Hangzhou Lizhan Hardware Co., Ltd. will have a brief chat with you: what are the reasons for the rust of galvanized screws?

After the screw is galvanized, it is not that it will not rust, but it will prolong the rusting time. Therefore, when using screws, the surface treatment requirements are very important. Galvanizing is a very common process. If you want to have good anti-rust performance, galvanizing is poor. If the design allows, you can choose hot-dip galvanizing or dacromet with a longer imitation rust time. The screw galvanized is mainly for aesthetics and easy installation. Its imitation corrosion performance is only for indoor fixed environment, and it has basic anti-rust performance. If a galvanized screw is used in a seaside environment, I am afraid not It will be rusty in a year.

Therefore, the rust of galvanized screws is not a quality problem (we mean that in harsh environments, the design of galvanizing obviously does not meet these requirements, if it is in a normal environment, galvanized screws often appear Rust, of course, is the cause of galvanizing), but to find out the problem from the design, the design concept must meet the actual requirements to work. The storage environment of galvanized screws should not be humid, and should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. Another point may be that the galvanizing plant did not finish the surface coating, which is also the reason for the easy rust.