What is the difference in processing between non-standard screws and ordinary screws


Screws are used in many industries where we live. Among […]

Screws are used in many industries where we live. Among them, non-standard screws account for most of them, and ordinary screws occupy a small part. Many people will ask why non-standard screws are more expensive than ordinary screws. Let me popularize non-standard screws. What is the difference between the processing flow of ordinary screws, you will understand after reading this.


Ordinary screw processing process: equipped with standard molds and heavy heads, which can be made directly by the machine. The processing process is relatively simple. If the molds and punches are available, they can be directly loaded and then they can be punched out, followed by thread rolling and electroplating. You can leave the factory after finishing.


Non-standard screw processing process: Non-standard screw is a non-standard screw. It appears because it is used on some machines or household items, and it is different from the ordinary screw processing process. Many non-standard screws cannot be directly screwed out. They need to be processed by lathes, machine tools and other machines, so the processing process will be much more than ordinary screws. Of course, after the non-standard screw is processed, its plating method is similar to the ordinary plating method.


The difference between non-standard screws and ordinary screws is not only in processing, because the difficulty of the processing process also determines that there are some differences in the prices between the two.


1. The fastening screw parts on our general market are generally standardized and standardized production, and for some non-standard products, standardized screw parts are not applicable. The advantage of choosing non-standard screws is that you can develop and design according to the user's own needs and produce suitable screws, which solves the problems of fastening and screw length that cannot be solved by standard screws.


2. Customized non-standard screws reduce the production cost of the enterprise. Customized non-standard screws are designed according to the needs of users to produce suitable screws. The shape, length and material of the screw fit the product, which saves a lot of waste, not only can save costs, but also suitable screw fasteners can also increase production efficiency. In the era of rising labor costs, reducing the production cost of an enterprise is undoubtedly increasing the competitiveness of the entire enterprise.