What is the moisture-proof measures on the micro screw on the motor?


What are the moisture-proof measures in the miniature s […]

What are the moisture-proof measures in the miniature screw? If the miniature iron screw is wet, it may rust. Therefore, in order to prevent the micro screws from rust, we use moisture-proof measures. So how do I handle the moisture of the screw?

(1) Use a solventless coating as much as possible to swing the machine

(2) Select the impregnation paint without oxidation ingredients, such as epoxy-urethane or epoxy-impregnated paint

(3) When using melanin impregnation, the curing temperature and time should be adjusted. The curing temperature should be slightly above 130 ° C (e.g., 135 ° C), and the curing time should be greater than 180 minutes. To strictly implement the process. In a high temperature and humid season, the coating specified in the sample sample is dull (curing) due to the concept of rust-proof. Time, not rich, motor has specific connotation and shape

(4) Select paint without volatile acid

(5) Select paint with good water resistance