What are the main ways to fix the hub screws


In fact, among the many screws, the screw on the wheel […]

In fact, among the many screws, the screw on the wheel hub is essential, because without it, no matter how expensive the car can't drive normally. Many friends like to “piggy back their hands” when replacing tires, reinstalling or refitting wheels, and pursue personalization!


Appropriate screws are also very important for wheel modification. Refitting wheel screws seems to have become a modification culture. Not only is it visually beautiful, but it can also have high-performance indicators that ordinary screws cannot achieve.


1. The main function of the hub screw is to fix the hub. There are two ways to fix it.


The screw to fix the hub is on the axle

In this way, the screw that fixes the hub is directly designed on the axle. We fix the hub by tightening the nut.


The nut end of the fixed hub is on the axle

In this way, the nut end of the fixed hub is designed on the axle. We need to fix the hub by tightening the screws.


2. What kind of hub screws should I choose when modifying the hub?


Anti-theft screw

Many anti-theft screws are designed to prevent theft by designing special patterns on the screw or nut ends. If you need to disassemble after installing such hub screws, you need to use a wrench with a pattern to build.


Lightweight screws

This type of screw was lightly treated during design, which is much lighter than ordinary screws, so the fuel consumption will be slightly reduced. If it is a lightweight screw of the cottage brand, there may be a problem of cutting corners. Although the screw is light, but the hardness and heat resistance are insufficient, there may be problems such as breakage and tripping when driving for a long time. Therefore, for lightweight screws, big brands should be selected.


competitive screw

No matter what type of modified parts, as long as there is the word "sports", they are basically high-end products. Competitive screws are all forged, and have to be annealed and stolen during the design process. In this way, it has good performance in hardness, weight and heat resistance.


3. Is the more hub screws more expensive?


Is the more expensive the wheels, the more expensive the car? Everyone knows that many F1 racing wheels are only fixed by one screw, and the price of the wheel screws has nothing to do with the number of screws.


Regardless of the number of screws, there is no possibility of cutting corners. They are selected after numerous trials by the car manufacturer, and they must meet the standard in terms of strength.


The number of screws is not directly related to safety, but the number of screws directly affects the PCD value of the wheels. As for PCD, it is a key factor for car enthusiasts who are keen to modify and upgrade the wheels.