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Fasteners will have many innovations in fusion manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing is a new manufacturing mode of fasteners, which is the inevitable result of the automation, digitalization, networking and intelligent development of machinery manufacturing. With the continuous increase of labor costs, the continuous improvement of product quality requirements, and the increasing diversity of demand, the demand for intelligent manufacturing in the fastener industry is becoming more and more urgent. Intelligent manufacturing will greatly improve the productivity and efficiency of fasteners, reduce the labor cost of enterprises, improve the working environment and labor intensity of workers, and improve product quality and reliability. Intelligent manufacturing includes the intelligence of the manufacturing process and the intelligence of the equipment. The intelligentization of the manufacturing process requires the development of various intelligent manufacturing systems: automated or intelligent production lines, and the construction of digital workshops, digital factories and digital enterprises.

The intelligence of equipment requires enterprises to increase investment in scientific research and development and technological innovation, and to increase the production capacity and production matching of production equipment. The technical problems of intelligent manufacturing of fasteners in the coming years include: intelligent intelligent cold heading precision forming technology, cold heading technology and equipment for large-size fasteners, precision forming technology of complex shape fasteners, automated logistics equipment and Automated heat treatment production line, etc.

Fusion manufacturing is a multi-disciplinary cross-fusion, a combination of multiple processes, is the trend of the new era. The integration of mechanical manufacturing technology with information technology and various high-tech, the integration of machinery and materials, and the integration of technology and culture will inject new vitality into the development of fasteners. The application of fusion technology will generate new fastening components, manufacturing processes, processing equipment and systems, greatly enrich the product system of fasteners and expand the functions of the products.

In addition, it is particularly worthwhile to mention process compounding and integration innovation in fusion manufacturing. Process compounding refers to the integration of multiple processes and multiple processes into one device, which greatly reduces the number of processes and site occupation, improves work efficiency, and improves product quality. Integrated innovation is an innovative activity that transforms various fusion into scientific and technological achievements and transforms into productivity. It is an important way of fusion manufacturing and the main type of fastener technology innovation. It is foreseeable that in the near future, fasteners will have many innovations in fusion manufacturing, which will directly promote the rapid development of the fastener industry technology.