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How to improve the surface treatment process of CD pattern screws

Do CD thread screws need surface treatment? It also depends on what the raw material is. For example, if carbon steel is used, it must be heat treated to increase its hardness. If stainless steel is used, the heat treatment step can be omitted because stainless steel itself is very hard

1. In the long-term development of the CD pattern, a high-precision CD pattern machine was produced based on the accumulated experience in practice.

2. Scientific product processing fixture. Engineers who have been engaged in the development of fixtures for many years will scientifically design fixtures suitable for CD pattern processing of CD pattern screws according to different shapes of products, from the perspectives of cutting, dynamic balance, material, and thermal effects to ensure that the product processing is qualified. Rate, and excellent CD pattern processing effect.

3. Operators with skilled craftsmanship. Before processing the surface process of the CD pattern screw, we will fully study the product material, determine the process, and make the workbook to ensure the stable quality of the CD pattern screw surface treatment process.

4. Choose reasonable processing tools. Choosing a reasonable machining tool is of great importance to the surface treatment process of CD thread screws. For example, if the tool is unfavorable, it will create burrs. The angle of the tool is not right, and it will directly affect the appearance processing effect of the product's CD pattern processing.

5. Correct cooling plan. When we are dealing with the CD pattern of the product appearance, even if our cooling plan is wrong, even if our pattern spacing, cutting tools and other parameters are selected correctly, our CD pattern processing will not achieve the desired results. Therefore, the correct cooling plan plays an important role in the surface treatment process of the CD pattern.