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Five reasons why high-strength combination screws are trustworthy

High-strength combination screw is a new fastening material, which is composed of chemical agent and metal rod. It can be used in all kinds of curtain walls and assembled pre-embedded marble construction, and can also be used for equipment installation, highway, bridge guardrail assembly; reinforcement and rebuilding and other places.

Because the glass tube filled with chemical reagents is flammable and explosive, the manufacturer must obtain the relevant parts approved by the state, and all production processes must be closed safely, and the production line must be completely isolated by staff. If it is through the process, it not only violates the relevant regulations of the state, but also harms things. The combination screw follows a new anchor bolt. After the anchor expands, through a special chemical adhesive, the screw is fastened to the concrete base plate to cement the wellbore to complete the composite part of the fixed sheet anchor.

What are the five characteristics of high-strength combination screws?
1. It is pre-buried by chemical adhesion and inspection of high-strength composite screws;

2. No expansion stress, low demand on the substrate, and can be used for cracking in concrete, with small edge spacing;

3. The high-strength composite screw products are packaged in glass, the chemical components and the atmosphere do not contact, the performance is stable, the brightly lit glass tube can provide direct visual quality, and the damage to the equipment and the glass as a direct bonding process is more reliable;

4. The inner tube of the high-strength composite screw product is vulcanized by the same glass sealant, which is fully stirred and quickly aggregated, easy to install, and saves construction time;

5. Chemicals have excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance and good performance, no creep, normal temperature water traces, long-term load stability in the medium term, resistance to welding and wet conditions, good flame retardant performance , excellent anti-vibration function