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How to choose the right combination screw

Combination screws are used in combination with other components, such as elastic washers, flat washers, flower teeth, etc. Other screws are usually installed before knurling, and the washers cannot be taken out after the knurling. The raw materials of combined screws are usually iron and stainless steel. Its advantage is that it is equipped with corresponding washers, which can make the production line easy and quick to operate. It is widely used in electrical, machinery, and furniture. Next, screw manufacturer Hangzhou Lizhan Hardware Co., Ltd. will talk to you about how to choose the right combination screw?

1. It depends on the requirements for the raw material of the screw, that is, the combination screw with the kind of material required, for example, stainless steel or iron.

2. It depends on the specification requirements of the combined screw. Common specifications include GB9o74.8 / GB9o74.4/ GB9o74.13.

3. It depends on the requirements of the mechanical properties of the combined screws, such as 4.8 and 8.8 and whether the screws need to be hardened and so on.

4. There are many types of combination screws, such as three combination screws, external hexagon combination screws, pan head cross combination screws, internal hexagon combination screws, stainless steel combination screws. Combination screws like iron are electroplated, but stainless steel combination screws are not required.

When choosing a combination screw, you still have to choose the screw that suits you according to your own use scene.