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How to reduce the probability of car screw loosening

Car screws are mainly used to connect the interior parts and structures of the car. Since the use of the car is closely related to the personal safety of the passengers in the car, it is very dangerous if the car screws are loose without any rescue measures. So for car designers and manufacturers, how to reduce the impact of loose car screws is what they must do before putting each car on the market.

First: Guaranteed flexibility
The screws used in automobiles will be used in conjunction with spring washers. Its most basic requirement is to have good elasticity and appropriate size, so that when the screws are loose, the friction between the screws and the spring can be used. Slow down the degree and impact of loosening. Although the spring washer is relatively cheap, its function is very huge, especially in the production of automobiles, it is an indispensable part in the past week. Its good elastic deformation ability is a prerequisite to ensure that the screws will not be easily loosened, so when installing the screws and spring washers, in addition to checking whether the threads of the screws are in good condition, it is also necessary to check whether the elasticity of the paralysis washer is effective.

Second: the use of split pins
The use of cotter pins is also to prevent car screws from loosening or even slipping, but not all car screws can use cotter pins. Generally, there are many cases where cotter pins are used for large-head screws on the engine part. Cotter pins must be used when they are used. Choose the appropriate length, because the engine is in a state of high-speed rotation when the car is driving. If the length of the cotter pin is too long, it will collide with the crank arm, and then it will be scratched. If this situation is not discovered in time It doesn't take long for the cotter pin to slip off completely, so the screw loses its protection and loosens over time. Therefore, when the split pin is used, on the one hand, the length should not exceed the width of the screw too much, on the other hand, it must be inserted into the overhead hole of the screw, and it must be fixed with a tool. This ensures that the screws cannot be loosened even at high speeds.