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How to select a material for custom titanium alloy screws?

When we are customized, how to choose the material of the titanium alloy screw, in fact, titanium alloy is produced in order to cater to industrial demand. Due to the different environment of all screws in the world, the positions used on the machine components are different, the screw hardness, flexibility, thermal conductivity required by the machine is also different.

Therefore, when customizing the production screw fasteners, you will ask which aspects of the user's screws, what performance needs to have, if the hardness is required, then it is recommended to use titanium cobalt alloy, titanium cobalt alloy is generally used for Cutup.

When screwing, you must understand that when the hardness of the screw is high, then its screw is easily broken.

Because copper is one of the wear-resistant metals, if the titanium alloy screws are more hard and flexible while balance the wear, titanium is added, because the titanium metal has hardness, oxidation, corrosion resistance, The cold and heat transfer is slow and so on, of course, the price is not cheap.

If it is necessary to take care of the cool heat transfer, light weight, flexible, strong draw deep, oxidation, anti-corrosion, undoubted titanium alloy screws, if it is a general screw fastener, choose a cheap copper iron stainless steel and other materials, if It is really necessary to require screw fasteners to have a certain alloy in the special environment.