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Proper Use of Self Drilling Screws

Proper Use of Self Drilling Screws

In addition to some engineering projects, drilling screws are also suitable for home decoration. Compared with other screws, the drilling screw has the characteristics of direct drilling, tapping and locking, which greatly saves construction time and improves working efficiency. But the use of drilling screws is also to pay attention to certain ways and means to achieve the most ideal fastening effect. Especially for their own decoration of the family, the following to introduce to you, after some small family decoration can be their own hands to solve.

The application scope of the drilling screw is introduced before this:

the screw is mainly used in the steel structure of the color steel tile fixation, but also can be used for simple building sheet metal fixation. Different materials of the drilling screws are applicable to different objects, such as: used on wood generally made of iron steel, used on steel plate are both iron and stainless steel. The specific use of what material and specifications of the drilling screw, or according to the use of the object of material, thickness and other specific circumstances to choose. The following, Lizhan will introduce the correct working of  the drilling screws:

I. Tool

• of preparation tools

Choose a hand drill with power of 350-500 W, if there is a positioner, adjust the positioner of the drill to the appropriate position to ensure that the screw drill down to the correct position.

• Install the selected sleeve on the drill and insert the screw into the sleeve;

II. Position

• Prior to construction work, the operator pays attention to the cubic position and posture of the body to ensure the stability of the body's center of gravity and the convenience and comfort of the force;

• The screw and the drill bit must be mounted perpendicular to the surface of the profiled steel plate and press hard to create a central point to prevent the screw from sliding;

III. drill hole

• Start the electric switch, first use 2-5kg force slow speed to make the screw cut out iron chip successfully, then gradually apply the force to 10-25kg, and gradually increase the speed according to the drilling condition, pay attention to always ensure the force direction and center point in the same vertical line (this is very important), and keep the drill speed at 1800-2200 rpm;

IV. thread

After the screw penetrates the base material, the chip removal stops, the sound of the drill is obviously changed, and the speed of the drill remains unchanged, and the rotation torque of the drill is kept at any time. When the rotation transition is easy, it indicates that the silk road has been attacked well;

V.Lead and fasten

• when the rotary transition of the drill is easy, it indicates that the front end of the screw has finished tapping and entered the traction fastening stage, the speed of the drill should be slowed down quickly and the force should be reduced or stopped, and the screw should be carefully fastened and fixed in the material


SUS316 and SUS304 material screws usd for plastic steel, magnesium titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, industrial plastics and other materials,

 But SUS410C material drilling screws can work into above material, also can drill into stainless steel plate and various materials hardness in the HV300 degree of steel plate.