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Screw manufacturers share the essentials of how to prolong screw rust

The Lean Scale Screw is the work of manipulating the beveled circular torsion tool and the principles of physics and mathematics of friction fastening parts, and the work is realized by the rules. Art standard screw fasteners are usually vernacular. Lean standard screw, living in daily industrial necessities, can be widely used in many fields, small to watch glasses, training ships, space shuttles, lack of it. Lean standard screw is a day created by the cooperation of our production for thousands of years. According to the application field of view, this is the first large-scale creation of human beings. More importantly, cutting, production and processing activities, fortification activities, work products, environmental security activities, logistics storage products, scientific research management activities, and construction of some supplies series.

Probably many screw manufacturers believe that stainless steel screws will not rust. Originally, this idea is wrong, in some cases, not to mention stainless steel screws, and even gold screws will rust.

Iron screws are sure to rust much faster than stainless steel screws. Therefore, the iron screws that screw manufacturers want to prevent are not so simple and rusted, what is the best way! In other words, how do we prevent iron screws from rusting.

Here are some tips for screw manufacturers to prevent iron screws from rusting.
1. The multiphase metal attachment of dust particles, in a humid atmosphere, condensed water adheres and iron screws, and two are connected to form a micro-battery, resulting in electrochemical reaction and damage to the protective film, which is called electrochemical corrosion.

2. The adhesion of the iron screw surface of organic juice (such as vegetables, soup, phlegm), the water in the environment of oxygen, the formation of organic acid, the corrosion of the metal surface of permanent organic acid.

3. Ribbed surface, the adhesion includes 3 materials of ferric acid, alkali and salt (such as decorative wall, lime slag alkaline water splash), causing partial inhibition.

4. In the environment with air pollution (such as a little hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, atmospheric) condensed water, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid solution composition environment, resulting in chemical corrosion.

If the above four kinds of iron screws are satisfied, it is super easy to rust. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the above four kinds of rust. We want to prevent the iron screws from rusting easily, we will have to put the screws in a boring place and don't let them immerse in misty liquids. Also let the equipment fight to the pollution of the fight.