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The reason and solution of self-tapping screw slipping

Types of self-tapping screws Tip-tailed self-tapping screws and flat-tailed self-tapping screws are mostly used in plastic parts. Some customers have asked about slipping when using self-tapping screws. The specific reasons and solutions are as follows.

⑴The main reasons for slippery teeth are as follows:

1. Self-tapping screw surface hardness is too low, self-tapping screw thread is too shallow or root thread is too shallow

2. The stall used by the wind batch is too large

3. The hole of the fastened part is too large

4. Continue to tighten after the wind batch is tightened

5. Tighten when the fastened parts move quickly

6. The hand feel of the wind batch is not well grasped when tightening the thin plate

7. The tightening sequence of self-tapping screws is improper, causing the fixing holes to be misplaced, and the required tightening torque is too large, which is difficult to grasp.

8. Self-tapping screw specifications and models are incorrect

9. Increased wind torque

⑵ Sliding teeth solution

1. Change the self-tapping screws of the same model from different manufacturers or different batches.

2. Reasonably adjust the small wind batch position, like some fixed holes, pay attention to it.

3. To change or modify the fastened parts, adjust the small wind batch position.

4. Strengthen on-the-job training and master the tightness.

5. According to the process specification, tighten when stationary or moving at low speed.

6. Reasonably adjust the small wind batch position and fasten it in 2 times.

7. Adjust the tightening sequence of self-tapping screws and try to fix them diagonally to reduce the tightening force.

8. Use self-tapping screws with correct specifications and models

9. Adjust the torsion force of the wind turbine.

The above points are the reasons and solutions for self-tapping screws slipping organized by the editor. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. When we buy self-tapping screws, we should pay attention to choosing suitable, good-quality and experienced self-tapping screw manufacturers, and we can avoid some detours.