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What are the groove types of self-tapping screws

Everyone is not unfamiliar with self-tapping screws, because it is easy to install and use, and it does not require drilling and tapping. It is very popular with everyone. Self-tapping screws can be seen on many plastic parts. So next, the self-tapping screw manufacturers come to talk to you: What groove types are there for self-tapping screws?

Like the common self-tapping screw grooves, there is a slot, cross slot, plus or minus slot. These are loaded and unloaded with a family-owned screwdriver such as cross slot and slot, because it is suitable for installation in less important places and is convenient for replacement.

Then the more common groove types are hexagon socket and hexalobular socket. You need to buy the corresponding screwdriver tool to open these grooves. Generally, they are used in slightly more important occasions. Do not disassemble them at will.

The less common groove types are: triangular grooves, Y-shaped grooves, S-shaped grooves, H-shaped grooves, and a series of groove types with columns. All need other screwdrivers to use. Generally, it is difficult to disassemble except for people on special pages. If you forcibly take other tools to open it, it is easy to damage the screws.

In fact, in general, the different grooves of self-tapping screws correspond to the difficulty of your disassembly. This is also designed and manufactured by the screw manufacturer for safety. The more difficult to disassemble the screw means the more difficult it is to disassemble.