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What are the uses of different types of self-tapping screws

When it comes to self-tapping screws, we are no strangers to it. It is a kind of screw used to connect metal plates, and there are many kinds of it. For example, self-tapping pin screws, wall panel self-tapping screws, self-drilling self-tapping screws, pan head and hexagon head self-tapping screws, etc., each type of self-tapping screw has a different purpose. Next, self-tapping screw manufacturers Hangzhou Lizhan Hardware Co., Ltd. will bring you Let me introduce it in detail:

1. Self-tapping bolts are also mostly used for the connection between thin metal plates. The thread has an ordinary thread with an arc-shaped triangular section. The thread surface also has high hardness. Therefore, the screw can also be connected during the connection. The internal thread is tapped into the threaded bottom hole of the piece to form a connection. This kind of screw is characterized by low screw-in torque and high locking performance. It has better working performance than ordinary self-tapping screws and can be used instead of machine screws.

2. Wallboard self-tapping screws are used for the connection between gypsum wallboard, etc. and metal keel. The thread is a double-head thread, and the thread surface also has a high hardness, which can be quickly screwed into the keel without making a pre-made hole to form a connection.

3. The difference between self-drilling self-tapping screws and ordinary self-tapping screws is that when ordinary self-tapping screws are connected, they have to go through two processes of drilling (drilling threaded bottom holes) and tapping (including fastener connection), and self-tapping screws When the self-tapping screw is connected, the two processes of drilling and wages are combined and completed at one time. It uses the drill in front of the screw to drill the hole, and then uses the screw to tap (including the fastener connection), which saves construction time and improves efficiency

4. Pan-head and hexagonal tapping screws are suitable for occasions where the drill bit is allowed to be exposed. Compared with pan-head tapping screws, the hexagonal head tapping screws have a larger torque.