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What parameters are needed for anti-dropping screw customization

Anti-dropping screws are still very common in our lives, and they are also called anti-loosening screws. It is inseparable from common chassis cabinets, sheet metal, clothes, luggage and electronic communication equipment. Sometimes it is necessary to customize the anti-falling screw according to the scene of use, so what specific parameters should be provided?

1. Dimensions and appearance. Dimensions mainly include: screw length, head diameter, thickness, thread diameter, tooth pitch, and groove size. Like anti-dropping screws, most of them are half-threaded, and the rod diameter, thread length, etc. must be provided.

2. Material. There are many kinds of screw materials, such as stainless steel, iron, titanium, aluminum, copper and so on. Different materials correspond to different needs. If there is a strength requirement of 8.8 and, then only 1oB21 and SCM435 of the iron material can meet this requirement, and other materials cannot meet this requirement.

3. Surface treatment.There are many kinds of surface treatment for screws, such as common zinc plating, which is divided into white zinc plating, blue white zinc, blue zinc, black zinc, etc. And the surface treatment generally has the thickness of the coating, if the customer does not If required, it is generally based on the standard plating thickness. If the customer has other requirements, it can be produced according to the customer's needs.

4. Quantity. When customizing imitation falling screws, the screw manufacturer will choose the production method according to your demand. Generally speaking, two methods of turning and cold heading are more common. If the quantity is relatively small, we will also evaluate which production method to produce can save costs, and we also need to produce the products that customers need.

5. Packaging requirements. Some customers have requirements on the size of the packaging bag and the quantity of a package, which can be based on the different needs of each customer.