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What should I do if the door lock screw?

I believe that everyone will encounter the door lock in life, sometimes it is necessary to replace it, the door lock screw is slippery or the screw hole is moving. What should I do?

1. Screw holes can be injected into the screw hole with a small amount of 5O2 glue, then screw the screw, then remove the screw and turn the screw with the tip pliers (only the screwdriver is afraid again to lead the screw tooth), wait It is necessary to completely harden the glue;

2. Screw holes, and then tap with a tap. Less spending less, the skill is high.

Then the screw head is rushed, how can we take it out?
1. Troubled the screws, we want to make a cross-shaped or word-type shape in a circular use, simply a word, and take a depth, then take out with a word screw.

2. Use a small drill bit to punch the screwed screw, then screw in with a refilateral tap, form a screw in it, if the refilateral teeth, then use the corresponding small screw to screw it in.

3. Alternatively, the solder is heated with the solder iron, dripped on the screw and screwdriver, so that they cool the solidification, and then screw it smoothly, but this method is more cost-effective.

4. If the screw is already out, then this is good, we can use the sharp pliers or tiger clamps in diameter to hold force, then rotate the pliers, there is a heating method, we can heat the screwdriver , Then top on the screwed screw, wait a few seconds, then rotate, so that the screw is slightly softened to the cross or a typique, if you have a way to heat the screws.