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Why do stainless steel screws break?

Generally speaking, stainless steel screws are not easy to break during use. Only in special cases, stainless steel screws will have this kind of fracture. So why do stainless steel screws break? What is the real reason why stainless steel screws break? Based on a summary by the Bader Specialty Alloys editor, we can tell you that stainless steel screws have four common fracture conditions.

1. The raw materials used for stainless steel screws are of poor quality, with many impurities and impurities, resulting in insufficient hardness of stainless steel screws.

2. When using stainless steel screws, customers use too much force. Typically, you do a torque test to see what the minimum breaking force is, then adjust the torque. If the screw torque is high, the screw must be heat treated. Currently, stainless steel 410 material can be heat treated. The surface hardness of the stainless steel 410 screw after heat treatment is HV 580-680. The core hardness is HV 350-450.

3. The production process of stainless steel screws. For example, in production and manufacturing, stainless steel screws with eccentric heads, and the Q value is too deep, the R bit is designed too small.

4. See if the pre-hole is suitable, when the pre-hole is too small, the screw will break. Therefore, when we buy stainless steel screws, we must be aware of the good side, in case we buy back inferior products and bring unnecessary trouble to ourselves in the process of using them.