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Why machine tools use hexagon socket screws

Why do machines and equipment not use Phillips screws but hexagon socket screws?


The range of application of screws in life is very wide. It is widely used in wooden furniture, can replace the traditional tenon structure, and the structure is relatively strong. In addition, there are also a large number of machines and equipment in use, do you know why so many devices are using hex screws? What's so good about it?


When the screws first appeared, they were mostly straight and cross-shaped, but this design can only meet some small machines. If the machine is larger, the screw size requirements will be greater. And if you are using small screws, there is often a problem during installation and disassembly. That is, these stress areas in the middle of the nut will be disturbed, and the screw will not be pushed in or cannot be pulled out. trouble.


Especially in some places where the size of the screws requires larger, this problem will be very troublesome after it appears, so he invented a hexagon, these screws are generally round on the outside, and the middle part is recessed. The middle part presents a hexagonal vacancy, the focus points are increased by several more than the original, and the focus points are distributed evenly. It is relatively convenient during disassembly and installation, and it is not easy to remove the nut.


In addition, this area in the middle is concave and does not take up too much space. The surface of the workpiece will look relatively flat, and the tools used when disassembling and installing are relatively labor-saving and scientific. However, it also has some of its shortcomings. For example, this kind of installation screwdriver is rarely available in the average family. It requires special tools for disassembly and assembly, which is not very convenient.