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Mechanical screws are commonly used on non-structural parts

The material from which the screw is made tends to be lower than the material used to make the bolt.

Because it is applied to non-structural connections and fairings, detachable panels

And other non-mainly stressed structures.


1) Its structure is similar to that of bolts. The screw shaft is generally a full-threaded shaft, and the thread is manufactured with 2 levels of free fit precision.

2) There are two kinds of flat ends and pointed ends.

3) When installing, the screws are generally screwed into the screw holes on the components, and the screws are usually screwed for fastening purposes.

Classified by use: 1. Mechanical screw 2. Structural screw 3. Self-tapping screw

mechanical screws

Mechanical screws are commonly used on non-structural parts, such as light and small parts and assembly of cast aluminum parts such as gearbox covers.


1) The screw groove on the end face of the screw head is the same as the structural screw

2) The screw shaft is a fully threaded rod segment

3) The thread has two types of coarse and fine teeth.

Material: low carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum alloy

Common models are:

(l) AN500 is a coarse-toothed head screw AN501 is a fine-toothed round head screw

(2) AN505 is a coarse tooth 82° countersunk screw AN507 is a fine tooth 82° countersunk screw

(3) AN515 is a coarse-toothed round head screw AN526 is a fine-toothed large round head screw