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Self-tapping locking screw is suitable for vibration resistant situations


1.unequal long stud: It is suitable for the case where one end is screwed into the component body for connection or fastening. See GB897-900 and so on.

2.equal length studs: suitable for matching the ends with nuts, for connecting or spacing. See GB901, GB953, etc.


1.flat washer: used to overcome the unevenness of the support surface of the workpiece and increase the stress area of the support surface. See GB848, GB95-97 and GB5287.

2.spring (elastic) washers: see GB93, GB859, etc. for spring washers, GB860, GB955, etc. for elastic washers.

3.anti-return washer: with internal tooth lock washer, see GB861; external tooth lock washer, see GB862; single-ear stop washer, see GB854; double-ear stop washer, see GB855; round nut stop washer, see GB858 Wait.

4.oblique washer: In order to adapt to the slope of the workpiece support surface, a diagonal washer can be used. For square slanted washers with I-beams, see GB852; for square slanted washers for channel steel, see GB853.

Self-tapping screws:

1.Ordinary self-tapping screws: thread conforms to GB5280 (thread for self-tapping screws), large pitch, suitable for use on thin steel plates or copper, aluminum, plastic. See GB845-847, GB5282-5284, etc.

2.Self-tapping locking screw: The thread conforms to the ordinary metric coarse thread and is suitable for use in vibration resistant situations. See GB6560-6564.