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The combination screw is definitely not a trivial small screw

In a world without combination screws, our cars cannot be formed, our machinery cannot work, installations, buildings, electrical appliances, materials, and assembly. We cannot but admit that such a link is intertwined. Just a small combination screw, there are many people who think that there is nothing strange about it, and it is even more insignificant. If you think so, then I must be responsible for correcting your wrong thinking, there are many things that seem It has no effect, it is extremely small, but its effect is very large. Do not believe? Tell you how important a small screw is.

You must not ignore many details around you. You can't easily ignore a small screw. To exaggerate, a small screw may deprive you of your life at any time. Don't believe me? Usually we see a lot of reports, such as plane explosions or unexplained obstacles in cars causing many deaths and injuries, as well as injuries to employees due to improper use of machinery in some machinery factories , Have you ever thought about the reasons behind these major events? You may not have noticed, in fact, many times it happens to be the negligence of a small screw. The screw manufacturer told us that if the screw is used for a long time and the screw is loose and not adjusted in time, serious improper use will occur. Or the quality of the screw itself is relatively poor, and no one in the factory knows about it, and the result will definitely cause minor accidents to employees at work. Some even caused the entire factory to explode due to screw problems.

Therefore, we usually have to be responsible for our own lives to the end, and do not ignore the safety hazards around us. If we find that the quality of the screws is not good, we must remind the person in charge of the factory to replace the screws at the appropriate time, so that we can produce more high-quality screws. of mechanical supplies.

Think about it again, since the small screw plays such an important role in our real life, we naturally have to do our homework about it. know intuitively. There will be a better understanding of its value, which in the future will have an impact on our behavior. That's a very good use of our tool that affects everything.