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The main application of stainless steel hexagon screw

Everyone is familiar with the mention of stainless steel hexagon screws. In fact, it has many names, and it can also be called an external hexagon bolt or an external hexagon screw. So which scenes are the external hexagonal screws mainly used in? Let's talk with the footsteps of Hangzhou Lizhan Hardware Co., Ltd.:

The stainless steel hexagonal screw is used with a nut to fasten the two connected parts with pupils. It is a more commonly used screw. Hexagonal screws are also divided into three types, A/B/C. The first two types of hexagonal screws are used more. It is generally used in occasions with high requirements for assembly precision and large impact, vibration or alternating load. C and C are used for occasions where the surface is rough and the assembly accuracy is not high. The threads on stainless steel hexagonal screws are generally fine-threaded ordinary threads. Ordinary threads with round threads have better self-pinning properties, and they are all made of independent threads. Full-threaded screws are mainly used for outer hexagonal and Where a longer thread is required.

You may not be very familiar with knurled screws. In fact, they are also called hand-tightening screws. They are designed to facilitate hand-tightening operations. The straight knurling on the head enhances the friction and the effect will be Geng good. Generally speaking, stainless steel knurled screws are used by more people. From the perspective of mechanical properties, stainless steel knurled screws can imitate rust and corrosion by themselves. This has basically become the characteristic of each screw, but in terms of age There will still be differences. After the stainless steel knurled screw has good mechanical properties, it can be seen from the equipment on the special page that the advantages in all aspects are very significant.

In terms of mechanical properties, as the temperature decreases, the impact toughness of stainless steel knurled screws is significantly slowed down, and there is no brittle transition temperature. Therefore, there will be no fracture under low temperature conditions, and it will have good plasticity and toughness.

Stainless steel knurled screws are mainly used in the display industry, white brown home appliances, telecommunications and data communication industries.