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The stainless steel Phillips screw is rarely plated

The Phillips screw is made of iron and stainless steel. The iron Phillips screw is also called carbon steel screw. The stainless steel Phillips screw has stainless steel SUS201 and stainless steel SUS304, stainless steel SUS316 Phillips screw.

The plating of the Phillips screw generally refers to the plating of the iron Phillips screw. The stainless steel Phillips screw is rarely plated. The Phillips screw plating color is environmentally friendly and non-environmental. The environmental protection plating color has environmentally friendly white zinc, environmentally friendly blue. Zinc, environmentally friendly color zinc, environmentally friendly black zinc, environmentally friendly white nickel, etc., non-environmental white nickel, white zinc, color zinc, black zinc, black nickel, black, blue zinc.

From the beginning of ordering from the Phillips screw wire material into our production screw industry, we must first check the wire diameter of the screw wire and the material of the test screw. Generally, the screw wire diameter is measured by the caliper. The size of the self-order is the same. After detecting these, it is detected during the production process, starting from the head of the screw, determining the head size, head to side, diagonal, cross groove depth, screw tolerance range and so on.

These are all detected with a caliper. In all aspects of the detection of tooth decay, the main thing is whether the thread can pass the pass gauge. Again, the plating measurement problem. After electroplating, is it in line with environmental requirements and can not exceed the time required for salt spray? The tools are environmental testing machines and salt spray testing machines.