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What are the characteristics of structural screws and self-tapping screws

Structural screw

Material: made of alloy steel


1) The tensile and shear strengths are the same as the AN-type bolts of the same size and material.

2) This type of screw has the same length as the same size bolt

3) The nail body has a polished rod (unthreaded) section, the thread is NF, and the matching precision of the screw is also the same as that of the AN type hexagonal head bolt, so it can be used as a structural bolt.

Head shape of the screw: It has a round head, a flat head, and a 100° countersunk head.

Screw head slot for screw head: cross, pointed cross slot

The common structural screw models are:

(1)AN509 100° grub screw

(2) AN525 washer head screw, which has a large head like a washer and has a large bearing area.

(3) AN502 and AN503 round head screws

 AN502 is a fine-toothed round head screw and AN503 is a coarse-toothed round head screw. The round heads of these two screws have a slot and have a small hole in the fuse.

Self-tapping screw

Self-tapping screws are often used for fastening characteristics of thin metal plates, plastic plates, etc.

1) Fastened by tapping itself in the assembly hole.

2) The head shape of the self-tapping screws are: flat round head, 100° countersunk head, large flat round head, etc.

3) The tail is: pointed (type A) blunt (type B)

Common models are:

(l) AN504 and AN506 They are commonly used to mount detachable parts such as signage.

(2) AN530 and AN531 These are self-tapping screws for metal sheets. AN530 is a flat head, AN531 is a countersunk head tapping screw-B type