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What are the plating colors of precision small screws

Precision small screws are tiny fasteners that connect product materials. They are small in shape, but their effect is not small. It is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances and precision instruments. You may seldom pay attention to the color of precision small screws. Even if you usually see it, it is basically a very monotonous color. Next, screw manufacturer Hangzhou Lizhan Hardware Co., Ltd. introduces what are the plating colors?

After the precision small screw is produced, its surface must be surface treated. There are electroplating manufacturers specializing in the electroplating industry on the market. The surface of the small screws is electroplated according to the material and customer requirements. Like ordinary screws made of carbon steel (in fact, iron) will be plated. For screws made of stainless steel, there are also a few customers who require plating colors for the same color of the screws and products. There are several common screw ring electroplating processes: blue zinc plating, white zinc, green zinc, black zinc, ring nickel, same color plating, gold plating, zinc-nickel alloy plating. Screws made of stainless steel are cleaned by the electroplating factory, and there is a process called passivation.

Screws made of stainless steel are also plated with dacromet. The color is mainly gray, but it can also be plated in other colorful colors. The color of stainless steel is generally called natural color in the industry. As for the color of the screw made according to customer requirements It's electroplated. Customers will also determine the color of precision small screws according to the color of the product.

The above are the common plating colors of precision small screws. Of course, some customers have other requirements. This will be electroplated according to the actual situation.