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Why are some black stainless steel screws easy to fade?

Today I will talk to you about why black stainless steel screws fade. The reason why black stainless steel screws are easier to fade than black carbon steel screws is because black stainless steel screws that are easy to fade are electroplated with black zinc. The characteristics of stainless steel make it difficult to plate black zinc on the surface of stainless steel screws. Stainless steel screws can be made black. However, the surface treatment process of electroplating black zinc cannot be used. If the stainless steel screws are to be made black, then we can use the surface blackening process.

In fact, the surface of the stainless steel screw itself is relatively bright, and there is no need to do special surface treatment, unless it is some appearance parts with special requirements, such as the screws used on the appearance parts of the product, the color of the screw is required to be consistent with the color of the product workpiece, then This requires the surface treatment of stainless steel screws. If the appearance has special requirements, it is not recommended to do the surface treatment of electroplated black zinc, so how to choose the surface treatment?

Let's learn about the common surface treatments of stainless steel screws! Common surface treatments for stainless steel screws include anodizing, galvanizing, chrome plating, stainless steel electroless nickel plating, etc. Among them, oxidation blackening is a very popular treatment method in industrial screw fasteners.